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Land in Lombardy


Do you want to open a company? Do you want to expand your business?

Come to Lombardy Region and try the Land in Lombardy Program!

Land in Lombardy is the best program dedicated to overseas businesses who wish to test Lombardy Region as a business location. It is managed by Invest in Lombardy, with the cooperation of Unioncamere Lombardia, the Lombardy Chambers of Commerce network, and Regione Lombardia.

Thanks to our program you can get down to business immediately, benefiting from a free-desk-offer in one of our centres of excellence, which lasts for up to 12 months*.

Choose the most suitable location for your business …

Our centers are highly appropriate for any international company wanting to get establish in Lombardy and some of them are specialized in the following growth sectors:

- Agrofood, Food and Beverage;
- Construction;
- Education and training;
- Energy and Renewable Energies;
- Environment and agriculture;
- ICT;
- Life sciences, Bioeconomy & Biotechnology;
- Manufacturing;
- Mechanical;
- Mechatronics;
- Pharmaceutical and medical device;
- Tourism.

Land in Lombardy offers space in the heart of Lombardy Region, choose one of our centers between:

1. ComoNExT, located near Como;
2. Cremona Chamber of Commerce, located in Cremona;
3. C.S.M.T., located in Brescia;
4. Fondazione Filarete, located in Milan;
5. Lariofiere, located near Lecco;
6. Parco Tecnologico Padano, located in Lodi;
7. Parco Tecnico Scientifico Pavia, located in Pavia.
8. Tecnocity - Euroimpresa, located near Milan.

Land in Lombardy includes a lot of services ...

Invest in Lombardy can assist you before, during and after your establishment in the Lombardy Region.

  • Start-up assistance
    Together with our private partners we will assist you in selecting the right corporate structure for your business. We will support on all aspects of setting up and expanding your business in Lombardy, from local accounting and legal requirements, opening a bank account, assistance with visas and work permits, company registration, access to public grants and other incentives. We can also help you find a location to live in Lombardy.
  • Use free and discounted office space
    You are not dreaming! This program offers a free office in one of our selected centers, available for up to 12 months*, after that period you could take the advantage of a discount from the rent. We provide ready-to-work serviced office space for companies of any size, from businesses start-ups needing a desk, to multinationals who need a whole floor. You will have access to all the benefits of being in a service office, ready to work from the first day.
  • Build with us your network!
    Invest in Lombardy will introduce you to the right people to help your business start-up, succeed and grow in Lombardy. We work closely with an established network of partners - Partner Program - which we assessed and approved to meet a guaranteed level of service for foreign investors.
    Our partners are involved in a broad range of business activities and can help you throughout the decisive stages of your establishment: accountants, law firms, consultancy firms, banks, real estate agencies, recruitment and human resource agencies.

Discover more about Land in Lombardy!

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